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Ayurveda – the science of life

Ayurveda has it’s origins in India. The three qualities of Vata, Pitta and Kapha (known as doshas), are all around and within us: in our minds and bodies, in nature, in the seasons and in the foods we eat.

Vata corresponds to space and air and is found within all forms of Movement.

Pitta corresponds to fire and water and is found within all forms of Transformation.

Kapha corresponds to water and earth and is found within all forms of Structure.

We all have an innate natural balance of these three qualities. Most of us are a combination of two of these types, e.g. Vata/Pitta; which means a person is mostly Vata with Pitta as secondary. To help us all see how these may apply to us, here are some descriptions of each type that you should be able to relate to:

For predominantly Vata types, do you:

• need to eat smaller quantities a little more frequently? • forget things often? • worry? • often have lighter sleep? • sometimes try to do too many things in a day? • find you are naturally thin and have a high metabolic rate? • often find your hands and feet are cold? • like sweet, sour and salty things?

When out of balance, Vata types are vulnerable to: Anxiety, worry, memory loss, panic, weak digestion, phobia, insomnia, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder.

For predominantly Pitta types, do you:

• have a medium frame? • like things done well and like tidiness • like to win when competing?

• like larger quantities of food? • sometimes get impatient? • like sweet and bitter tastes?

When out of balance, Pitta types are vulnerable to: Impatience, being critical, anger, guilt, obsessive behaviour patterns, aggressiveness, domineering behaviour.

For predominantly Kapha types, do you:

• like quite spicy foods and not much sweet foods? • sleep deeply and is fine with less sleep than most others?• sometimes feel a little low or demotivated? • have a larger frame and large hands? • like exercise and enjoy spots needing some stamina? • learn slowly but remember very well?

When out of balance, Kapha types are vulnerable to: Depression, greed, lack of motivation, weak digestion, lethargy.

Balance – the key to good health

The key to health, happiness and vitality is personal balance in mind, body and emotions. This all starts with knowing your mind-body type and how to maintain or restore balance. This knowledge is from the timeless science of Ayurveda and our products are designed in collaboration with leading Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Brennan who has over 30 years experience as a practitioner and founded the UK Ayurveda Practitioners Association.

These SuperFoods are designed to restore balance for Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Your predominant doshas indicate which is most suitable for you. For each ingredient, the last column shows which Ananda SuperFood it is found in.

“I love a teaspoon of Pitta SuperFood in my Smoothies, in porridge and on muesli. I cannot recommend it more” – Nina

Rebalance – adding the SuperFoods to our to routine

To prepare use a blender for the Vata and Pitta and a juicer for the Kapha smoothie. If a juicer is not available pure apple juice can be used instead. These recipes are for 500g which could last for a few days, for one drink you can half these measure.

Smoothies – for Vata, Pitta & Kapha
With a delicious taste for each dosha these powder balances & nourish. Take with water, juice or add to porridge or try our Vata, Pitta and Kapha smoothies.

Vata with avocado
half an avocado (130g)
350g coconut water
20g Vata SuperFood powder
“I absolutely love this Vata Avocado smoothie
with the sweet and cinnamon flavour” – LB

Vata with banana
1 banana
400g coconut water
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
20g of Vata SuperFood powder

Pitta with pineapple
200g pineapple
200g melon
100g coconut water
20g Pitta SuperFood powder

Kapha with apple
juice of about 8 apples (480g)
20g lemon juice
10g Kapha SuperFood powder


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