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Acupuncture for heel and foot pain from plantar fasciitis by Richard Collisson

Heel or foot pain from plantar fasciitis is a very common problem that can occur at any age, usually occuring after trauma to the foot and so typically only affects one foot , but can occur on both feet at the same time.

The plantar fascia is an extension of the Achilles tendon which runs under the heel then spreads out across the sole of the foot and inserts into the base of the toes. Its function is to provide shock absorption on the sole of the foot as well as to lift the arch of the foot when walking.

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia which causes pain under the heel or in the instep which is usually worst either first thing in the morning when one gets up or after a period of non-weight bearing rest and one puts weight on the foot.  The pain will often initially ease with movement, but after a while overuse will aggravate it too. 

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Hormonal Health

Hormonal imbalances are bound to crop up at some stage in a woman’s life.  This could range from anything from Premenstrual Syndrome, to the inevitable Menopause.  There is no need to suffer in silence, let us help!  We have a range of remedies which can do a lot to ease these issues. Continue reading ‘Hormonal Health’ »

Acupuncture treatment at Health Zone Clinic Wimbledon London

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine needles into the body to stimulate the meridians in the body's energetic system. Different points along the meridians are stimulated to balance the flow of energy (Qi) in the body promoting health & well-being. Practitioners may also use heat, pressure (Acupressure), friction, suction (see Cupping), or impulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate these points. As a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture is currently recognized as a therapeutic modality for a variety of health situations. Continue reading ‘Acupuncture treatment at Health Zone Clinic Wimbledon London’ »