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My Therapy Room Music by Carole Chandler

My Therapy Room Music By Carole Chandler – reiki master and relaxation massage specialist at the Health Zone Clinic. 

Does music matter? Yes it does.
Why does it matter? Music has the power to evoke a mood and change the emotions.

A few weeks ago a client thanked me for the music I was playing during her session. She reminded me that she had liked it the first time she heard it in my room, when she visited for a massage during the pregnancy of her second child. At that time, it appealed to her so much, she had asked me the name of it, bought it for herself, played it during her labour and it is now the music of choice at home to soothe her son.

I was delighted to hear this and happy that she had found an example of music that was of value to her. How nice for me to be instrumental (!) in introducing her to music that helps to change emotions and moods of members of her family.

So why do I play music during my sessions anyway?
Well, for a long time I have believed in the power of music to uplift emotions and enhance the mood so I use it to contribute towards creating the atmosphere I enjoy for my clients. This belief is one of the reasons I use specially selected music in my daily life and in my work.

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Reduce mind chatter – experience a head massage

Carole Chandler
reiki master and relaxation massage specialist

So sometimes your mind is full of thoughts that fly around in your head all day distracting you… distracting you from… well, distracting you from everything.

You have heard of mind chatter and you know what it is because you are already aware that your mind is chattering all day long.

Let’s clear something up here, not all mind chatter is bad. What if your mind chatter is something like, ‘ooh I like that’, ‘hey I love this’, ‘ah that was lovely’, ‘wow isn’t that cute’, ‘now this is fun’ or more of the same. Now that is mind chatter that you want to continue, as much as you want, for as long as you can.
Positive mind chatter is your friend.

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