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Reduce mind chatter – experience a head massage

Carole Chandler
reiki master and relaxation massage specialist

So sometimes your mind is full of thoughts that fly around in your head all day distracting you… distracting you from… well, distracting you from everything.

You have heard of mind chatter and you know what it is because you are already aware that your mind is chattering all day long.

Let’s clear something up here, not all mind chatter is bad. What if your mind chatter is something like, ‘ooh I like that’, ‘hey I love this’, ‘ah that was lovely’, ‘wow isn’t that cute’, ‘now this is fun’ or more of the same. Now that is mind chatter that you want to continue, as much as you want, for as long as you can.
Positive mind chatter is your friend.

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The Power Of Relaxation by Carole Chandler

The Power of Relaxation (and why I believe in it)

Years ago I heard a wise person say something profound, “There is power in relaxation”.
This was news to me at the time and it intrigued me.

Yet, how could I relax when I was so busy? Like many people, I was busy coordinating a home and family with school aged children, a stressful career and social engagements.

I heard it again, “There is power in relaxation”.
While it sounded like a nice idea in theory, I had no idea how I could possibly experience it for myself. Surely I needed time to fit it in and time was one thing I did not have.
How could I relax even if I wanted to?
When would I relax even if I wanted to?
Where should I relax even if I wanted to?

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