Beat Hay-fever

When spring and summer hits, this can be met with dread by people who suffer from hay-fever.  But you need not suffer and hide indoors any longer!  There are many remedies and therapies which can help to alleviate hay-fever and its nasty symptoms.  They are side- effect free, and offer you a great alternative to pharmaceutical anti-histamines.

In order to beat hay-fever and its seasonally induced misery you need to support the immune system, as it is simply over- reacting to harmless environmental substances which your body shouldn’t have a problem with.  The immune system can be easily supported and brought back into balance with herbs and nutrients such as Echinacea and Vitamin C.  This should be combined with natural anti-histamines like Nettle leaf or Quercetin for extra effect.   For help with symptoms such as streaming, itchy eyes, Eyebright is a herb which has traditionally been used to treat conditions of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, acting as an astringent to help dry up secretions.  This can be taken orally, or in a dropper solution to be applied directly to the eyes.  For persistantly sneezy, blocked noses, Luffa nasal spray is a helpful homeopathic remedy to carry around with you and use as you need, offering instant relief!  Come to Health Zone and meet our friendly staff for personalised advice on Hay-fever remedies.

To get the best results from taking a natural approach to treating hay-fever, it is also important to make some changes to your diet.  Try to reduce your consumption of dairy products during the hay-fever season, as they have a mucous-forming effect in the body and can contribute to the blocked/streaming noses of some hay-fever sufferers.  Also look at reducing or eliminating sugar intake as it suppresses the body’s immune system.  Avoid pro-inflammatory foods such as red meat, dairy products, processed foods and foods that can stimulate the release of histamine in the body such as tomatoes, strawberries, peanuts, shellfish, and chocolate which can encourage the onset of hay-fever symptoms.  These foods are best avoided or reduced during spring and summertime.     Fill your diet with foods which have natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory effects.  These include fresh  fruits and vegetables, fish, and bioflavonoid containing foods such as apples, grapes, and berries.

Are you thinking of seeing a practitioner to help you prepare for the hay-fever season? Let our Homeopath help!  Our Homeopath Vinita has a special interest in treating allergies, so pop on down to Health Zone now for a consultation and let her relieve you of the Hay-fever burden.