Calm is within

Stress is everywhere. It can come from mental, emotional, or physical strain and can be caused by anxiety or overwork. We can all feel different degrees of stress at some stage. It is how we deal with it that counts. Balancing our lifestyles can prevent stress from leading to more serious health issues.Whether you’re giving an important presentation at work or struggling to make the grandchildren’s tea whilst keeping an eye on them at the same time … the effects can be much the same. Situations like these can cause your breathing to become more rapid and your palms to become clammy and sweaty.

Both are signs that you’re feeling pressurized and under stress. A common problem for many people who lead an active lifestyle – resulting in a wide range of symptoms from headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite and a diminished sex drive, to palpitations, anxiety, fatigue and a general feeling of simply not being able to cope. If left untreated, stress can cause more serious problems in the long term, including clinical depression, impotence, weight gain, high blood sugar levels and heart disease.

Rhodiola rosea: Many of rhodiola’s benefits are related to its function as an adaptogen, or a compound that increases the body’s resistance to any type of stress.  Excessive release of stress hormones by the adrenal glands contributes to physical and mental fatigue, blood sugar imbalance, depression, immune suppression, sleep disturbance and cardiovascular dysfunction. Rhodiola has been shown to regulate the body’s hormonal response to stress.

Siberian ginseng root extract: Although not a true ginseng, Siberian ginseng increases tolerance to various stressors. By regulating the manufacture and secretion of adrenal hormones, this herb helps to normalise the way in which the body responds to stress triggers.

Liquorice root extract: Glycyrrhizin, a compound found in liquorice, is metabolized to glycyrrhetinic acid in the intestines. In studies, glycyrrhetinic acid has been shown to counteract the effects of adrenal hormone deficiency.

Roman chamomile extract (Chamaemelum nobile): Chamomile has been used traditionally to relieve stress and anxiety and enhance feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Magnesium: A mineral that is found in whole grains, which is required for proper nerve and muscle function. A deficiency of magnesium may lead to tension and irritability, which exacerbates stress.

Pantothenic acid: Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is a precursor of coenzyme A, which is required for the synthesis of various hormones, including adrenal hormones.

Tyrosine: Catecholamines (adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine) are synthesized from tyrosine and become depleted during stress.  Studies support the use of tyrosine’s adaptogenic properties under extreme environmental conditions or psychological stress.