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Reflexology in Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Southfields available from Health Zone Clinic

reflexology wimbledon, raynes park and southfields from health zone clinicReflexologists view the feet as a mirror image of the body and thus massage areas found in the feet to treat corresponding organs in the body.

This type of massage aims to destroy blocks in the energy channels of the body, believed to be a cause of illness, allowing energy to flow freely and heal any damage.

To book an appointment please call Health Zone Clinic on 0208 944 1133 Ext: 26
Online appointment are also accepted, please click here…    

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Thinking of having a baby? by Health Zone Clinic Wimbledon

fertility treatment ukIt’s so exciting planning on having a baby, but it can also be daunting especially for couples who are embarking on this new adventure of wanting to become first time parents and realising that it is not as easy as it seems. 

There are a variety of treatments available from the Health Zone Clinic for males and females to assist with conception, pregnancy and birth like acupuncture, reflexology, nutritional advise, counselling and homeopathy.

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Reflexology for wellbeing

 Suffering from the winter blues? Try the relaxing and balancing benefits of reflexology. 

How can reflexology help? 

The short, dark days of winter can disrupt sleep patterns, which in turn can cause a state of imbalance with vital energy pathways blocked, preventing the body from functioning effectively.   The hormone melatonin helps to control the sleep-wake cycle. More melatonin is released when a person is in darkness which results in sleepiness. In bright sunlight the opposite happens with less of the hormone being released. Continue reading ‘Reflexology for wellbeing’ »