Healing Hay Fever – Case Study by Dr Vinita Pandey, practising homoeopath at Health Zone Clinic

hay-fever-treatment-and-remedy-health-zone-clinic-wimbledonSneezing bouts, runny or blocked nose, itching eyes, nose and throat, lachrymation and malaise. Many people suffer from these symptoms with the arrival of spring. These symptoms may lead to loss of sleep and reduced ability to concentrate.  Rather than enjoying the warm sun and the blooming flowers, many take refuge indoors for avoiding any potential triggers in the environment.  As science is progressing, mankind is suffering increasingly from exposure to substance as innocuous as pollen!

Health Zone Clinic has an in-house allergy specialist, Dr Vinita Pandey (PhD, LCHE, RSHom) who specializes in treating various types of allergies such as asthma, eczema, hay fever, urticaria, food allergies and food intolerance. She performed a clinical observational study of eight patients in the treatment of hay fever symptoms over a two-year period (2012 and 2013) using Measure Yourself Medical Outcome. Profile (MYMOP) self-evaluation questionnaires at baseline and again after two weeks and four weeks of homeopathic treatment.

Individualized homeopathic treatment was associated with significant alleviation of hay fever symptoms, enabling the reduction in use of conventional treatment. This study has been published in a peer-reviewed Homeopathy Journal, see link below: 

What People have to Say:
Case study 1: A General Physician 44 year old with long standing history of atopic problems (asthma and hay fever), used to take regular antihistamines as and when required and salbutamol inhalers for his asthma. He tried homeopathy by going to Vinita Pandey in the spring of 2012 and consequently his use of regular antihistamines has dramatically reduced to perhaps one to two tablets a month. He is also not using his salbutamol inhalers as much and his ability to exercise has increased. 
The most famous words from Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, were "First, do no harm."
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