Reduce mind chatter – experience a head massage

Carole Chandler
reiki master and relaxation massage specialist

So sometimes your mind is full of thoughts that fly around in your head all day distracting you… distracting you from… well, distracting you from everything.

You have heard of mind chatter and you know what it is because you are already aware that your mind is chattering all day long.

Let’s clear something up here, not all mind chatter is bad. What if your mind chatter is something like, ‘ooh I like that’, ‘hey I love this’, ‘ah that was lovely’, ‘wow isn’t that cute’, ‘now this is fun’ or more of the same. Now that is mind chatter that you want to continue, as much as you want, for as long as you can.
Positive mind chatter is your friend.

However, what if your mind chatter goes very differently, something like ‘oh dear I shouldn’t have done that’, ‘I wish they wouldn’t say that’, ‘I don’t like this’, ‘I really don’t like that’, ‘I wish that would change’, or more of the same. Now that’s a different story and not one you want to continue to tell.
Negative mind chatter is not your friend.

So what to do about it? Well firstly make the decision that you want to do something about it. That really is a great way to begin. This leads you to an awareness of the kind of thoughts that are spending the majority of their time in your mind. With that increased awareness you begin to notice and can consider making slight modifications to what you choose to think about and how you choose to think about it.

Why does it matter? It just does. When you think happier thoughts you feel happier and as if by magic, you have a happier day.

So now that you’ve decided to do something about it and have more awareness of your habits of thought, you may want to consider employing some method of slowing down the thought process. There is not only one right way. There are many ways. There are many effective ways. There are many enjoyable ways. Finding one that suits you is the key to feeling better.

Here is one suggestion.

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful therapy and is a fabulous, effective, beneficial, enjoyable way to significantly reduce mind chatter, as a result you can find yourself thinking clearer, feeling lighter and sleeping better.

I offer head massages because I value their benefit to my clients and the receiver’s transformation is always a source of inspiration to me. Each and every time someone feels better the occasion is an uplifting experience for me too and I feel honoured to be participating in their improvement.

My introduction to the joy of head massages began many moons ago in the chair of a hairdressing salon. There was that short period of time when the person washing my hair treated me to a scalp massage and I found that I just did not want it to end. It felt soooooooooo good. I was convinced that if a few minutes could feel like that, then more time would be awesome.

When I decided to have a career change and train in massage, I studied for many months towards my main holistic massage diploma. After which, I would have had the option of a one day course offering a certificate in head massage. However, I simply knew that doing a lot of head massages was going to be preferable to me, so I chose to add more focus to the training for it and I opted for a three month stand-alone head massage diploma, which I studied for alongside my main massage training.

The main course already required application and dedication and in addition, my head massage course called for its own set of anatomy, physiology, case studies, verbal, written and practical exams. I know I did not need to do all this extra work, I just wanted to do it because it was of value to me, I believed it would be beneficial to my clients and I knew it would be fun.

Just before I end this article, I’d like to tell you about the man who introduced Indian Head Massage to this country over some thirty years ago now. He was the great Narendra Mehta and my head massage course was taught by a lady, who was taught by a tutor, who was taught by him. So, if there was an official lineage (just like Usui reiki) I would be on it. During my course, I even made the pilgrimage to Narendra’s therapy room in North London to receive a head massage from the great man himself. It was an amazing experience and it was an honour and will always remain so.

I am passionate about head massages, I could talk about them for a long time and if your thoughts are bothering you, then rest assured you can do something about your negative mind chatter.


Reduce mind chatter – experience a head massage

Carole Chandler
reiki master and relaxation massage specialist
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