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Helping Parkinson’s disease the natural way – Health Zone Clinic

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder which results from a deterioration of neurons in the region of the brain that controls muscle movement. The degeneration creates a shortage of the neurotransmitter dopamine, causing the movement impairment, that characterize the disease.
People with Parkinson’s disease often experience trembling, muscle rigidity, difficulty walking, and problems with balance and coordination.

Although there are many theories about the cause of Parkinson’s, the etiology remains unexplained.
Various research papers have suggested mitochondrial abnormalities, environmental neurotoxic exposures, selective generation of potential toxins or reduced detoxification capacity. Infectious agents and genetic factors are also possible reasons for the disease.
Biochemical changes including increased levels of neurotoxic metals, the inhibition of mitochondrial complex 1 activity, and depleted glutathione levels occurring in the substantia nigra, all suggest that oxidative stress is present and pathologically involved in Parkinson’s disease.
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The Benefits of Acupuncture by Health Zone Clinic Wimbledon

The Benefits of Acupuncture - Health Zone WimbledonAcupuncture is an increasingly popular and effective means of overcoming the endemic problems associated with our modern lifestyles. Disorders and conditions directly caused by the stress of life in modern Britain are well known and are the cause of genuine suffering for millions of people. High levels of stress, back pain, headaches, depression and anxiety are all very real afflictions; and are the most common causes of absence from work.

Every day, GP’s clinics across the country are full of people seeking solutions for these common complaints, but you won’t find many doctors prepared to recommend acupuncture. This is because the foundations of Western medicine are highly materialistic; if an ailment can’t be cured by pharmaceutical medication the doctors sweep the issue under the carpet.

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