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A natural way to help Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disorder of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism characterized by fasting elevations of blood glucose levels, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, renal disease and neuropathy. Diabetes can occur when the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin or if the cells in the body become resistant to insulin, so the blood glucose cannot get into the cells, which can lead to serious complications. The classic symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, excessive thirst and appetite. Diabetes is divided into two major categories, type 1 and type 2, or insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, which occurs in children and teenagers.

Type 1 diabetes is associated with complete destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas, that manufactures the hormone insulin. Type 1 diabetes can also result from a defect in tissue regenerating capacity. Type 1 diabetes appears to have an autoimmune component, due to the antibodies of the beta cells being present. It is probable that the antibodies in the beta cells develop in response to cell destruction due to other mechanisms, including chemical or free radical damage, viral infection and food allergies. Continue reading ‘A natural way to help Diabetes’ »

Sugar Cravings

Beat those sugar cravings!    Refined sugar provides us with nothing which is of any benefit to us – it is stripped of all nutrients, and simply supplies us with unnecessary calories.   Sugar gives us a temporary boost, but this boost is artificial and inevitably leaves us feeling irritable and craving more.  As it is ultimately doing us more harm than good, sugar is a habit which needs to be kicked.  Continue reading ‘Sugar Cravings’ »