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Weight Management and Healthy Living by Health Zone Clinic of Wimbledon

weightlossWe tend to think weight management is all about losing weight but realistically it’s all about maintaining a healthy body.  We need to be healthy via what we eat, restful sleep, healthy mind, drinking plenty of water, coping with stress, exercise and plenty of fresh air.

Healthy eating of fruit, vegetables, protein, and complex carbohydrates is beneficial for us.  We need to make sure we eat six meals a day to maintain metabolism, if not it can lead to weight gain. 

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The importance of affirmations

Affirmations have been around for a long time and have particularly gained notoriety out of the New Age movement – which unfortunately sometimes makes people skeptical about their validity. However, new advances in neuroscience have shown that what we say to ourselves can really impact how our brains are “wired.” Continue reading ‘The importance of affirmations’ »

Hypnotherapy Consultation with Gianna De Salvo, Health Zone Clinic Wimbledon

Holiday Stress help…
Let’s face it, this time of year isn’t always easy. There is not only the stress of finding the right gifts for people (which is stressful enough on its own!) but some people also have to cook, entertain, travel, decorate, attend office parties, rush around crowded shops, send holiday cards, and most of all spend a lot of money and perhaps get further and further into debt. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. When the pressures of the season attempt to overwhelm me, I stop for a moment, take a nice, deep breath from my abdomen and take a moment to enjoy the present moment, feeling grateful for what I have. And at times of extreme stress, I practice self-hypnosis to gain insights into solving my problems and experience how I will think, act and feel when the problem is resolved, getting a nice sense of relief from the process.

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