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The importance of Vitamin D

If we had to recommend the number one most important supplement for you to take during winter time to protect your health and wellbeing, Vitamin D would be it. Continue reading ‘The importance of Vitamin D’ »

Sugar Cravings

Beat those sugar cravings!    Refined sugar provides us with nothing which is of any benefit to us – it is stripped of all nutrients, and simply supplies us with unnecessary calories.   Sugar gives us a temporary boost, but this boost is artificial and inevitably leaves us feeling irritable and craving more.  As it is ultimately doing us more harm than good, sugar is a habit which needs to be kicked.  Continue reading ‘Sugar Cravings’ »

Beat Hay-fever

When spring and summer hits, this can be met with dread by people who suffer from hay-fever.  But you need not suffer and hide indoors any longer!  There are many remedies and therapies which can help to alleviate hay-fever and its nasty symptoms.  They are side- effect free, and offer you a great alternative to pharmaceutical anti-histamines. Continue reading ‘Beat Hay-fever’ »