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Beat those winter blues and don’t let Winter get you down.

Is winter getting you down?  By the time February rolls around, this long, grey winter can seem never-ending.  The winter blues can get even the chirpiest of spirits down from time to time, and these dark winter days can gradually take their toll on our mood and energy levels. 

Hang in there, spring is just around the corner!  But until then, here are a few tips to keep you going strong through the last of the season: Continue reading ‘Beat those winter blues and don’t let Winter get you down.’ »

Taking care of your bones – preventing Osteoporosis

The foundation of healthy bones begins with a nutritious diet, the right supplements, and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Osteoporosis is a condition which is characterised by porous and fragile bones.  The bones of our bodies are in a constant state of breakdown and renewal, and osteoporosis occurs when bone breakdown is in excess of creation.

 Osteoporosis tends to affect bones of the body such as the hip, wrists, and spine.  Symptoms don’t usually become apparent until bone density has dramatically reduced.  Once it has reached a more advanced stage, there will be symptoms such as bone fracturing which occurs very easily; a loss of height; and back pain. Continue reading ‘Taking care of your bones – preventing Osteoporosis’ »

The importance of Vitamin D

If we had to recommend the number one most important supplement for you to take during winter time to protect your health and wellbeing, Vitamin D would be it. Continue reading ‘The importance of Vitamin D’ »