The Power Of Relaxation by Carole Chandler

The Power of Relaxation (and why I believe in it)

Years ago I heard a wise person say something profound, “There is power in relaxation”.
This was news to me at the time and it intrigued me.

Yet, how could I relax when I was so busy? Like many people, I was busy coordinating a home and family with school aged children, a stressful career and social engagements.

I heard it again, “There is power in relaxation”.
While it sounded like a nice idea in theory, I had no idea how I could possibly experience it for myself. Surely I needed time to fit it in and time was one thing I did not have.
How could I relax even if I wanted to?
When would I relax even if I wanted to?
Where should I relax even if I wanted to?

My friends were living similar lives to me, busy, busy, busy all of us juggling, juggling, juggling our homes, careers and hobbies. We were all tired, better said we were all exhausted but carried on regardless. Many of us suffering physically and emotionally but assumed that this just went with the territory. Even though we were so depleted, we accepted it as the price we were to pay for being high achieving working mothers.

I heard it again, “There is power in relaxation”.
Of course this applies not only to working mothers but pretty much everyone. I know many people who live their lives in a continual state of emotional tension, the brain on high alert, with an ever increasing ‘to do’ list, experiencing a variety of sleep, digestion and relationship complications.

The more I heard about the advantages of relaxation, the more I wanted to at least try it for myself and see what happened. After all, what did I have to lose? I made the radical decision to modify my lifestyle choices and actively make time, find time, create time to relax.

I heard it again, “There is power in relaxation”.
What did it really mean anyway?
I did not know where to begin and it was difficult at first because I was living my life under the assumption that relaxation meant doing nothing. With my full diary, I had for too much to do, for me to sit around doing nothing. Surely that would be a waste of time, wouldn’t it? Well, I discovered the opposite.

I noticed significant improvements related to my emotional and physical health. Interestingly, physical complaints that had plagued my life for decades have just drifted away and stayed away. Additionally, relationship difficulties that had plagued my life for decades have just drifted away and stayed away. Can I really attribute these major transformations to relaxation? Yes I can and yes I do.

Okay, having said all that, I remember that learning to relax took practice, a lot of practice. It can be a tricky thing to slow down the mind and the body when we are so accustomed to powering through each day at many miles an hour.

So why did I bother, what was the point? Well, in my previous career in the medical profession I had witnessed evidence of the inextricable link between emotional and physical wellness. It became clear and increasingly obvious that the person’s attitude and state of mind were instrumental in various stages of recovery. Not only did this become important to my understanding in how to improve my own health, it has now become the basis of my approach to helping individuals to regain their emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

So how did I begin all those years ago? Well, initially I made the decision that I wanted to relax. That was the start. From there I found ways that worked for me. Methods of relaxation are not the same for everyone but the way you feel as a result, is something that each individual can experience. That feeling of calmer, lighter and clearer all became reasons why I continued to practise and still do.

Everyone wants to feel better.
Relaxation is a powerful tool.
I know anyone can do it.
Yes you can do it too.

“There is power in relaxation”.
No time to relax? Think again.


Carole Chandler
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