Weight Management and Healthy Living by Health Zone Clinic of Wimbledon

weightlossWe tend to think weight management is all about losing weight but realistically it’s all about maintaining a healthy body.  We need to be healthy via what we eat, restful sleep, healthy mind, drinking plenty of water, coping with stress, exercise and plenty of fresh air.

Healthy eating of fruit, vegetables, protein, and complex carbohydrates is beneficial for us.  We need to make sure we eat six meals a day to maintain metabolism, if not it can lead to weight gain. 

Eating six meals a day of a reduced portion size helps the body to burn food faster.  Keeping in mind not to eat excessively or deprive yourself of your favourite food all in moderation.  If you are calorie counting or starving yourself the body believes it’s under a famine and therefore increases stress in the body.

Stress can be considered a major contributor to weight gain.  High levels of stress increases cortisol levels in the body which leads to the body storing fat around the organs and abdomen and slowing down metabolism.  This can be dangerous as it can lead to various major health issues like heart attacks, diabetes, suppressed immune system, decrease bone density.  When there is high cortisol levels in the body we tend to crave carbohydrates like sugar and fatty foods.  These foods are stored in the liver and around the abdomen which get converted to fat.  The body does this as it thinks that one day it will need the fat storage for energy but if the body is under constant stress it will keep storing the food as fat, a vicious circle. 

To maintain a healthy weight we need to stop dieting, eat breakfast, eliminate or reduce all sugars and refined carbohydrates, add protein to all meals, making sure we have enough essential fats in the diet, sleep well, drinking plenty of water through the day.

At Health Zone Clinic we have qualified practitioners that offer Nutritional Advice, Virtual Gastric Band (Weight Management with Hypnotherapy), Allergy testing and a variety of Massage Therapy to help reduce stress in the body, aid better sleep, and find out the thought patterns of why our body is doing this and provide advice on healthy eating.

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