What’s in my shopping basket – Richard Collisson

What’s in my shopping basket ?

As I work in the Health Zone clinic, I do some of my weekly shopping in the shop. I always choose organic if I have the choice and Healthzone sells many organic products you can’t buy in a supermarket. Here are some of my favourites that I would recommend.

My kids eat tons of eggs and Healthzone sell the best free range organic eggs in Wimbledon at a competitive price with the supermarkets, but much better quality, flavour and bigger too. Although supermarkets sell free range organic eggs they are still mass produced and the yolks always look anaemic and pale to me, so whatever they are feeding the chickens can’t be very nutritious.

I like to cook curries and always use organic Coconut oil, Copura and Biona are the best value brands in Healthzone. Unlike polyunsaturated oils, such as almond oil, coconut oil being a saturated oil doesn’t get rancid and is good for massage and dry skin. Coconut oil is also the source of caprylic acid, a supplement sold for treating Candida.or thrush, but coconut oil works equally as well. 

My kids like to chew gum when we travel on holiday, but most conventional chewing gum, instead of sugar, contains the artificial sweetener aspartame which has been linked to brain tumours, and has been shown to accumulate in the brain. It’s build up in the nervous system does however cause involuntary twitchy eyelids in people who chew a lot of gum. Luckily Peppersmith mints & chewing gum do not contain aspartame or sugar so avoid this problem. Other items my kids like for travelling are dried mango and Panda Licorice bars.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to drink fruit juices because of their high sugar content, especially if they are concentrated, not only for ones teeth but because of the damaging effects of high blood sugar levels on proteins throughout the body, even if one is not diabetic. However, Organic Cherry Juice (Biona), not concentrated, is full of antioxidants and can aid sleep and arthritis. It also makes a good base for a delicious cocktail.

I went off coffee almost 2 years ago and switched to green tea for breakfast instead. It has proven immune enhancing properties, which I can attest to myself, as I’ve only had one cold since then instead of the usual 3-4 a year. My favourite green teas are Qi Brand loose organic Chinese Gunpowder Tea and Clearspring organic Japanese Sencha Tea. There are a wide range of herbal teas available too, my favourite being cooling and refreshing Hibiscus flower which is rich in antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory.

I bought a bread maker a few years ago so I could ensure all the ingredients in my bread were organic and all the organic ingredients needed for bread making can be found at Health Zone, including; 

Doves farm flours (as cheap as in supermarket) Fast acting yeast.

Flaxseeds, Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds, and all sorts of dried fruits.

Green People make my favourite skin care products, including sunscreens, as they contain minimal ingredients and are free from sodium lauryl sulphate and other artificial additives like perfumes and colours.

Healthzone stocks a good range of essential oils, a few must haves for a first aid kit are;- Ginger oil for sprains, bumps and bruises. I’ve always used it on my children when they’ve banged themselves or had a fall, it is a mild oil and can be applied neat to bruise or sprains for which I think it is more effective than Arnica, often no bruising will appear after using it. Lavender oil is effective for fungal infections of skin or nails, and Tea Tree oil a handy all round antiseptic.

I love chocolate, but I like it pure, organic and high quality, so I never by Belgian chocolate, it’s poor quality and full of sugar. I recommend Booja Booja chocolates, made in UK, dairy free, dark, intense and very addictive!

I realise writing this I actually buy more stuff than I thought from Healthzone and my list could go on as it also includes Aloe vera gel (Alo pura),Clear spring Tamari soy sauce,Booja booja chocolates, Biokult Probiotic Acidophilus capsules, Faith in nature shampoos, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Humous, Artichoke dip etc….the list goes on!

Artice by Richard Collisson – acupuncturist at the Health Zione Clinc.
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